This website has a few photos and some information about my various hobbies, projects and music.

I have been interested in photography for nearly 50 years. I used to develop and print my own photos in a darkroom when I lived at home with my parents. For the last 15 years or so I have been shooting digital only. I use Lightroom to keep track of all my pictures.

I inherited a large archive of exhibition prints, negatives and slides which were taken by my Grandfather from 1940-1960.  They can be seen at

I have been interested in cars and bikes for a long time. I competed in Speed Events for many years so quite a few of my projects have been Race cars, but also a few road cars, and a couple of motorbikes.

I have been interested in Metalwork for 5 or 6 years now. I make stuff with a MiG welder and I have a lathe for making small parts.  I made a propane gas-forge to try to learn a few blacksmithing techniques (heat the metal up till it’s red hot …. whack it with a lump hammer….. repeat)

The Scally Rally was a cross-Europe Banger Rally and driving challenge, where you are only allowed a very small budget to buy your car. The event is on open public roads, nothing is timed and it is not a race. I took part in 4 of these – 2 with my elder daughter and 2 with both daughters – buying the cars for peanuts and preparing them for safety and reliability.

I have been playing bass guitar in a covers band with some other old gits for a long time. We make a noise, which we like to think is “music”, in various rehearsal studios in London every few weeks. Consequently, the band is called OGMAN (Old Gits Making A Noise)