The first competition car I bought was a road-legal Westfield. It had a Vauxhall 2-litre engine producing around 200hp. I went over to a place in Essex on the train with my daughter, who was about 9 at the time, and we drove back in it.

To start with, I competed in the “Roadgoing” class and I drove the car to the events, but soon I bought a trailer to transport the car, changed the tyres to treadless slicks and moved into the “Modified” class. 

While competing in the Westfield I became aware of a small “entry-level” single seater Racing car called a Jedi. This was based on the old Formula 500 cars of yesteryear, and they were fitted with various small, light but powerful motorbike engines in the rear.  Towards the end of the 1995 season, I put down my deposit and my car was built over the next few months at the factory.

My car was powered by a Yamaha 1000cc bike engine that was bored out to 1040cc . It had the high lift OWO cams from a Yamaha race bike and Flat slide carburettors. I guess it was around 150hp, but the car plus driver weighed only around 350kg.

I had one season getting used to the car and then in the 1997 season, I managed to win the 1100cc Championship at Gurston Down, which was the hill that I competed at most often. So by now I felt I was getting the hang of these events, and decided to upgrade to a bigger, more powerful single seater Racing car – the Pilbeam MP62.