When my elder daughter was about 16, I thought it would be good for her to have a semi-race Mini for use when she passed her driving test – and, needless to say, she agreed !  I haven’t got many pictures of the car during the stripdown and rebuild. My mate Steve Harris did the engine and transmission and fitted the rollcage and I did a fair amount of the rest of the work, including the dashboard and interior.

It must have slipped my mind to tell my wife the kind of specification I had planned for the car, but when it was finished, it had a very noisy straight-cut gearbox, and about 105hp at the wheels and the engine wouldn’t idle very well below about 3000 rpm. Once you got it on the cam it went like a rocket. I took my daughter to the Sparkford Testing circuit before she passed her driving test and taught her some fast-driving techniques. Once she passed her test, she took her Mum out for a drive…. they got home and my wife said “she’s not having THAT car”…. so it had to go,  and my daughter got a Renault Clio instead.