After I sold the Jedi, I bought this car – a Pilbeam MP62 which had a 2-litre Vauxhall engine, built by Swindon Racing Engines and producing just under 300hp.  I won the 2-litre Racing Car championship at Gurston Down in 1998, 1999 and 2000 and in the 2001 season I had a crash in the car which damaged it quite badly. The blue and silver car pictured below was the Pilbeam after it had been rebuilt, after the accident,  to MP82 specification with different wings, sidepods and undertray.

After the car had been rebuilt, I sold a half share to my friend Peter Smith. We enjoyed the car for the next few seasons, travelling all over the place to compete in events at Gurston, Wiscombe, Shelsley, Curborough, Loton Park and MIRA, amongst others. Then we decided to join the big boys in the Unlimited capacity Racing Car class, so we sold the Pilbeam and bought a Gould GR37 with a Cosworth engine, that had previously been installed in a Benetton F1 car.