In mid-2007 my daughters bought me a Father’s Day gift of some bars of chocolate and a few car magazines. In one of the magazines was an article about an awesome looking road car called an Ultima GTR.  I read this article which was mainly about the fact that this car could be built at home from components that would be supplied by the manufacturer. It would be powered by an American V8 engine from a Corvette , which could be imported new from USA and the transmission was a Porsche transaxle, usually found in a 911.

All the parts would be brand new, except the transaxle which would be a re-conditioned item. With just one used part, the car could be registered for the road with a normal number plate, and not a “Q” plate like most regular “kit” cars.


I placed my order with the factory in Summer 2007 and in December, the chassis, wheels, brakes, wiring loom, fuel and oil systems and loads of other boxes arrived. The only items missing were the engine and the gearbox, as they could be sorted out later.

Here is a video that condenses the whole build into 4 minutes !!

I finished the car in the summer of 2009 and drove it for a while on the road. The factory asked if they could display it at the 2010 Kit Car show. I sold it in the summer of 2010. I enjoyed the project, and it was a great car to drive, but you can’t enjoy a car like that properly on the UK roads.