I had been away from the speed Hillclimb scene for a few years when, in mid-2011, I decided to dip my toes back into the water with a Westfield.  This was the type of car I had started competing with in the mid-1990’s, although my first Westfield was road-legal, whereas this one was a pure race car.

This one had belonged to my friend Jonathan Gates, and he held the 2-litre record at Gurston Down with this car. However, the car had been sitting around for a couple of years unused, and it looked a sorry state when I cut a deal to buy it from him – it was covered in dust and the tyres were flat.

This car had the same type of “Red-Top”  2-litre Vauxhall engine as my first Westfield, although this one was fuel injected and about 250hp , whereas my first Westfield ran on carburettors and was only 200hp.

I ran the car for a couple of events at Gurston Down towards the end of the 2011 season with a view to stripping it right down and rebuilding it over the winter, ready for the start of the new season in the following April.

This is what the car looked like before I bought it, driven by Jonathan Gates.

A few pictures of the re-build.

The finished car

Onboard video from Gurston Down - 2012

This was a difficult car to drive fast, compared to single-seaters which had front and rear wings and a lot of downforce. Plus I was getting older, and I wasn’t getting any quicker, so towards the end of the 2012 season I decided to hang up my boots and I sold the car.